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 Click on the names below to learn more about each member of our Smart Foods team.


Chris Cook

Vice President ChrisC@SmartFoods4Schools.com 888-418-4065 x103 – Click to Call

Christian Wells

Account Executive – Sales Territory: CA, AZ, FL ChristianW@SmartFoods4Schools.com 888-418-4065 ext. 119 – Click to Call

Lucy Stephens Sosa

National Broker, Product Development, Corporate Accounts –  Sales Territory: Southern CA, CT, NH, MA, NY, NJ, PA   Lucy@CalilouFoods.com 888-418-4065 ext. 122 – Click to Call

Mike Lapointe

Senior Account Executive – Sales Territory: Texas, CA MikeL@SmartFoods4Schools.com 888-418-4065 ext. 121

Maliq Warfield

Account Executive – Sales Territory: AZ, CA, NM MaliqW@SmartFoods4Schools.com 888-418-4065 ext. 120 – Click to Call

Tina Gray

Account Executive – Sales Territory: CA, OK, PA, GA TinaG@SmartFoods4Schools.com 888-418-4065 ext. 106

Robby Boyd

Account Executive – Sales Territory: CA, CO   RobbyB@SmartFoods4Schools.com 888-418-4065 ext. 128

Lori Jones

Administration, Accounting LoriJ@SmartFoods4Schools.com 888-418-4065 ext. 123 – Click to Call

Christine Nix

Admin. Support, Freight & Logistics ChristineN@SmartFoods4Schools.com 888-418-4065 ext. 104

David E Saliem

Admin Support, Order Processing and Technical Support DavidS@SmartFoods4Schools.com 888-418-4065 ext. 105

Smart Foods Customer Service

CustomerService@SmartFoods4Schools.com  Toll Free Phone: 888-418-4065 ext. 123