Lucy Stephens Sosa



  • Email:
  • Phone: 888-508-1982 ext. 101
  • Fax:  888-509-1982
  • Working Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time
  • Responsibilities: National Broker, Corporate Accounts
  • Territories Handled:  NH, MA, NY, NJ, PA

Lucy has worked in different areas of the food industry since she graduated from Cal State Long Beach in 2005.  She began her career in school product development with Smart Foods, paved the way for our foods to be available across the Northeastern region of the United States and still serves as a regional broker for our products.  She views working in the school food industry as a labor of love and takes pride in her various farm to school projects across the Northeast.  She hopes to expand her local food efforts in the years to come.  Lucy has a background in hospitality and took a brief leave from Smart Foods in 2011 to manage Candle 79, a famous organic, plant based restaurant in New York City.  Her passion lies in healthy eating and she is professionally certified in Plant Based Nutrition through her studies with Cornell University.  She has returned to California where she currently lives the good life with her three dogs and husband, who is actively serving in the U.S. Navy.