Wok & Roll



Reduced Sodium, Whole Grain, Vegetarian, DELICIOUS!

  • All plant-derived ingredients were used to create this Veggie Egg Roll originally made just for schools in conjunction with the New York State’s farm to school agricultural program. This egg roll is a delicious whole grain school lunch product made with reduced sodium, 4g of fiber per serving and free from dietary cholesterol. A delicious way for kids to eat healthy!
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    • 3.6oz Vegetable Egg Roll (51% Whole Grain)
    • Contains ½ Cup Vegetables & 1 Bread Serving for NSLP
    • A Bouquet of Mixed Veggies Inside Fulfills “Other” Vegetable Category for NSLP
    • Wax Paper Serving Sleeves Included

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Ask your Smart Foods representative about other regional food projects and the possibility of creating a custom school lunch product for your district, state or region!